Friday, April 18, 2014

URSP Student Patrick Szabo Researches Receding Flashback Screenplay

I became interested in this project when I thought of my two favorite films—Elephant and 11:14. Both are formatted in the flashback design, in which the ensemble of character plots meet at certain points and are seen through the different perspectives of each character.

This is all related to my long-term goals in the sense that I will submit the screenplay to a few screenwriting competitions and maybe gain recognition in the field. I hope to then have the respect of other screenwriters so that I might have the chance to collaborate with them on future screenplays/films.

On a weekly basis, I am either intensely planning the intermingling of plots or writing content. Planning requires me to draw out many different diagrams and critically think about scene placement, while the writing process requires me to put myself in the mindset of each character—there are more than eight main characters in this screenplay. This can be overwhelming because each character must be definitively different from the next, so as to not confuse the audience.

This week, I found out that the writing process is actually a planning process in itself. As I write, I become more involved with the characters and their plots. I almost feel as though I am living in the story that I am writing, which allows me to adapt and add plot twists and character interactions as I go.