Wednesday, April 2, 2014

URSP Student Dominic Vittitow and Random Implications

As a student pursuing the BFA in Creative Writing, I was excited to have my short story collection proposal accepted by OSCAR. The title of the project is Random Implications—a name meant to reflect the type of stories that it will contain (I’m thinking weird, fun fiction that sees life at odd angles). The prospect of trying to turn my short stories into a coherent collection in which each piece contributes to the whole was enticing. I have found it to be a motivating challenge.

Thankfully, this project ties-in directly with my long-term, career orientated goals as well. Each bit of writing I do helps me improve as a writer. Each short story is an experience in which I learn from; and each is a portfolio builder. Likewise, a collection would be quite the portfolio piece and even a springboard to further achievements and the like. I believe this to be true, especially when I am getting feedback and advice on each story (and how they look as a together) from an excellent mentor and a great peer group.

The process of turning Random Implications from a proposal into an actuality has been fun and interesting; and of course, difficult. I have found that action ignites action, though, so staying at it is the best thing to do. The key is to write every day, so that it gets easier. I do, mostly, but with my other school work I’ve had to be quite creative: sometimes I write in the morning, sometimes in the evening, and sometimes I am content just to read (which is a key part of writing).

My week consists of that, basically. I try to shirk as many other tasks as possible in order to write. I lock myself in my room, put on some music, light the muse candle, and write. Sometimes I tweak drafts, sometimes I start something new. Outside of that, I observe and take notes and read. It’s simple, and brutal, and quite rewarding.