Friday, May 25, 2018

URSP Student Senya Donkor Researches How Short-term NGO Projects Create Long-term Impacts in Jamaica & Ghana

My research project is Humanitarian Work & Voluntourism: How can short-term NGO projects create a long-term impact?  My two countries of focus are Jamaica and Ghana, I chose these two countries because I have visited both countries. As the founder of Bright Nations, Africa have done charity work in Ghana, and I have also completed volunteer work in  Jamaica. In both countries I worked with children, and helped to organize events for the less fortunate. In the midst of these   events/opportunities, I realized that there was a disconnect between those that were being served and the impact. 

As a senior majoring in the school on integrative studies with a concentration in Creative Producing and a minor in nonprofit studies. I have made it my life's mission to use my creative works and ideas to address social issues and to advocate for those who do not have a voice. My passion is in developing countries, specifically Black Nations (countries with predominantly black people), example Africa and the Caribbeans. My creative works include music production, movies, and poetry. This goes hand in hand with my final creative project for the OSCARs presentation which is a music video, with a song that I wrote and sang. The purpose of the music video is to showcase the beauty of Jamaica and the beauty of families and communities with the Jamaican people.

On a weekly basis, I communicate with my faculty advisor, I send emails, I communicate with my cinematographer. I also make phone calls to former students who volunteer with alternative spring breaks, and non-profit leaders in Ghana, and Jamaica. I also read books and articles. One thing I discovered this term is the communication is very important, I discovered that you can not do two things at once. The time spent in the hospital, then the psych ward were all because I had been overworking myself, and not getting enough rest. It was also because I was not communicate my thoughts feelings and ideas, they were all bottled up inside of me. Research takes teamwork, having a strong support system and learning to balance.