Tuesday, September 16, 2014

URSP Student Mihret Tafesse Analyzes the Contribution of Microtubules to Cell Structure and Function

My research project focuses on analyzing the contribution of microtubules to cell structure and function.  This week I worked with cells that I have transfected with EGFP tubulin to allow the microtubules to show green fluorescence.  I used a micro patterning method to allow cells to bind to treated patterns on a petri dish.  This way, I can analyze the microtubules and the  correlation of microtubules and cell structure. In these micro patterns, generally 1 to a few cells generally fit in each pattern.  The shapes of these cells is then analyzed after they attach to these specific patterns.   To make this experiment happen this week, I also had to do work preparing the cells, petri dishes and other equipment used.