Wednesday, February 10, 2016

FWS Student Highlights: Safa Rana

I am currently working with Dr. Chen on a project regarding women workers rights. In this project, we view different aspects of women workers rights, such as maternity protection, equal pay, sexual harassment, and equal opportunity. As a research assistant, my responsibilities consist of finding academic scholarly journals, researching grants for the project, and coding articles via an online software survey. On a weekly basis, I distribute the work assigned, and allocate hours for each task depending on how long it takes to complete the task. When I am researching academic journals, it tends to take up more time since it involves additional steps, such as obtaining the articles through accessing databases, highlighting and writing summaries of each article and conveying it onto an Excel sheet.

As the weeks go on, the work load increases as well as the responsibilities towards the work. However, in return I have gained a great amount of knowledge and skill sets that I hope to apply in my college career and my future goals. By conducting research, I developed organization techniques, time management skills, and learned the importance of punctuality.  By improving my organization skills, I was able to convey the information to my research director in a concise and sufficient manner by allocating time for each task. The OSCAR undergraduate research assistant job allows students to work in professional settings, in which they shadow and participate in active research and gain set of skills that would prepare them for their future career path.