Monday, January 7, 2019

URSP Student Jeremy Schimmel Researches Kinesiophobia and its Connections to Chronic Ankle Instability

My project is focused on researching kinesiophobia and if there is connection to chronic ankle instability (CAI). The main impetus for this project was when I was working with one athlete who had a history of lateral ankle sprains (LAS). This athlete was experiencing pain despite the ankle being structurally sound. I applied so that I could research this gap in literature to help athletes in similar situations.

In relation to my long-term goals this project helps me see firsthand what goes in to creating original research. This project is helping me to strengthen my writing for graduate school. It also provides a great stepping stone for future research as my desired focus for graduate school is sports psychology. This project has been great in helping me realize what I want to continue to study in the future.

Since the study is a survey, my tasks can vary week by week. They have ranged from handing out and posting flyers for prospective participants to assisting in abstract writing for conferences. It has been an amazing experience where truly no one week is the same. 

I discovered that research is not always going to be easy. There will be bumps in the road and you cannot get distracted by them. Often you must keep moving forward in order to achieve the overall goal. Failure can happen and should not be a moment of despair. Every mistake is an oppurtunity to learn and become better from it. Oscar has taught me that there is always something you can learn.