Tuesday, October 23, 2018

OSCAR Student Rodrigo Vasquez Researches the US Education System

What got me interested in this project is from what I have studied independently compared to what I have been told to study. In much of my research I have come to find out that the people who are responsible for educating me, are not educated at all. I got involved in this project from my communication with Noam Chomsky. I had set up an interview with him, and when I told the director of my FAVS department (Giovana Chesler), she suggested to turn that interview into a documentary. I hope this film helps students and teachers learn more about our education system. The goal is to make positive change in the world, and not by making a film, but by creating action.

This project has gotten bigger then I had originally expected. We are now getting people that I would have never expected to get. This means that the film will keep me tide up for the next couple of years. That also means that I can continue learning from some of the most interesting people I have met and are going to meet.

I do a lot of research for the right people to interview. I look at the problems in our education system as well as the good things. I have to make sure that the people I interview have a good idea of what the project is and the long-term goal of it. I also have to deal with administrations, politicians, and corporations that protect themselves from students asking questions. That means I have to learn to be patient and understanding of their demands.

There are many things that I have discovered recently, but one thing that has surprised me is the difference between administrations and educators. Administrations like the ones in GMU or the education department are wary of me asking them for an interview. Teachers and students are happy to interview for this this film. I have learned from many people in education profit from students and that is rampant at GMU. This film hopefully will change that.