Thursday, May 28, 2015

URSP Student Andrew Sachs Uses tDCS to Affect Beliefs about Intentionality in Human-robot Interactions

The Floating Wetland Project, established by Dr. Changwoo Ahn, is an interdisciplinary team of students (the Rain Project Student Leadership Group) bringing together aspects from their respective fields. I am currently a core member of this group, and I am also participating in Dr. Ahn’s ecological sustainability class that is engaged in the Floating Wetland Project. The Floating Wetland Project is intended to further research the impact that floating treatment wetlands (FTW) have on water quality and to determine if they are a viable tool to clean waterways, including stormwater ponds.
I was drawn to this project because I have a passion for ecological restoration. During the summer of 2014, I interned for a local environmental management company performing maintenance on stormwater ponds. In this position, I observed the poor quality of these ponds and the absurd amount of pesticides that are introduced in order to maintain them. I am very interested in helping to find a much safer, cheaper, and greener method of maintaining stormwater ponds and reducing human impacts on the waterways that are downstream from these pools. I currently serve as the Undersecretary of Sustainability for GMU’s Student Government, which has made me even more aware of the poor quality of GMU Fairfax campus' waterways and stormwater practices and the urgency to address these issues.
After college, I plan on entering the field of environmental remediation and restoration in with a focus on stormwater management. This project is allowing me to have firsthand experience and research in my desired field. Currently, the project is in research and development mode working up to our tentative May 8th launch date and the proceeding data collection.