Tuesday, April 3, 2018

URSP Student Da’Shown Rawl Conducts A Choreographic Study of Different Emotional States of The Body and Mind

I became interested in the study of different emotional states of the body and mind in movement in 2016. I title this dance composition Cold Fire because our emotions can turn us cold or hot when we are overwhelmed with work. This idea to create a work based on emotions came from my second year of college when I experienced four major emotions all at once. I tried to understand how I was able to make it through the year by using dance and choreography. I wanted to focus on how depression, anxiety, fear, and fatigue are all connected and create ideas on how to manipulate these emotions with movement. I want to showcase how the human body can take on each emotion and how a person can push themselves beyond their own physical means. Choreography has been a huge interest of mine for that last 10 years with one of my long-term goals as a choreographer is finding new creative ideas as I build my dance company.

Me and my dancers create creative tasks each week as we build our first full evening dance composition. This is uncharted waters for me and my dancer as we create a work that is 50 to and 1 hour in length. We have discovered so much about ourselves on a person level of exploration both as a group and as individuals. We are now able to truest and understand our emotions in movement. One major thing I have taken away from this project so far is that even when we are under presser or overwhelmed with emotions, we can always find a way to harness our feelings with movement. As dancers learning this tool is one of the biggest tools we use in auditions and performances.