Monday, September 25, 2017

OSCAR Student Taylor Munir Focuses on Modesty and Bragging for the American Cultural Change Project

Hi, my name is Taylor. I am a junior studying Conflict Analysis and Resolution. As a Conflict Analysis and Resolution Major I spend a lot of time talking and learning about different cultures. Specifically, how a culture influences an individual’s perspective on the world. These cultural difference often impact how individual interact with their environment, and how they perceive conflicts. The knowledge I have gained through my major has shown me the importance of learning about different perspectives. Therefore, I jump at any chance to broaden my knowledge on any culture. When I read about a project that focused on American Culture I knew it was something I would want to research about.
The idea behind the American Cultural Change project is to track how different concepts have evolved in American Culture over time. The focus of my research was on modesty verses bragging. I researched how often we discussed modesty and bragging over the past few decades. This was to determine whether one was more prominent in our society today than in the past. Discussion on modesty in particular has decreased whereas bragging has increased. This is particularly evident in the American school system. A decline in modesty talk lead me to researched how students are taught, and how influenced they are by bragging in their academics careers. On a weekly basis I read through articles on education, and grade inflation. I also read books on classroom management, and self- esteem. 

This project made me reevaluate how I look at my education. It has shown me where I can personally improve to become a more humble in my education. As well as the impacts of an atmosphere where bragging is encouraged.