Wednesday, September 27, 2017

OSCAR Student Regine Victoria Conducts a Study on Nutrition

Hi, my name is Regine Victoria and I am a Communications major with a focus in Journalism and a double minor in Photography and Multimedia graduating in May 2019.
I’ve always had an interest in nutrition and health, but seldom did I ever receive an opportunity to pursue an in-depth look at it—until this past spring semester. I was finally able to attend a nutrition course! As the semester came to a close, my disappointment in the discontinuation of the curriculum started to surface. But during the final weeks, I received an email in my inbox about a research opportunity during the upcoming summer on nutrition. Next thing I know, I’ve applied and been accepted.

The skills, knowledge, and research I’ve acquired and conducted over the course of the past ten weeks can be useful well beyond this project.  As communications major with a focus in journalism, research is a skill key to my future career. Additionally, nutrition is useful beyond research and writing papers. It’s an essential field of knowledge to learning to eat healthier and to lead a healthier life in general and I can take everything I’ve learned and apply it both to my life and spread what I’ve learned to others.

The work I conduct on a weekly basis is a combination of research, analysis, and writing. I continuously had to search through databases and read articles in order to give myself background knowledge, find areas in which my research would fill the knowledge gaps, and look for papers to support my study. Much of my work involved coding and I had to constantly learn and relearn how to code we gathered from data bases so we could analyze the data.

This project has helped me discover and uncover my unknown love for coding. It was very frustrating when I got stuck or I didn’t know what to do or I didn’t get a result that I wanted, but whenever I was able to figure it out and have a breakthrough, especially times when I did it on my own without outside help, it was the most fulfilling and satisfying feeling.