Wednesday, May 11, 2016

URSP Student Srivalli Kommaraju Aims to Produce A Scholarly Review on the Measurement of Thickness of Fascial Layer and Evaluate the Distribution of Hyaluronan

My desire to study medicine has been driven by the desire to find cures to challenging diseases. Through my knowledge of the medical field, I realized that combating diseases requires not only an understanding of biology, but also the application of applied sciences and innovative ideas in the diagnosis and treatment. This is essentially the undertaking of engineers. Specifically, biomedical engineering is required, for example, to design the gene delivery system utilized to replace the mutated DNA in cells with properly functioning alleles in order to cure hereditary conditions like muscular dystrophy. The research and biomedical advancements in this program are especially groundbreaking. Educational and research opportunities at Mason provide valuable experiences that I can cherish even when I return to my home country, India. This program does not force me to limit myself intellectually nor academically, and the educational experience will give me an advantage in gaining admission into top schools later on. I plan to take on the ardent and noble task of joining a community of biomedical engineering leaders in changing the field of global health for the good of the human health.

The final goal of this research project is to produce a scholarly review on the measurement of thickness of fascial layer and to evaluate the distribution of hyaluronan.

I intend to share the report with George Mason Review to have my work peer-reviewed as well. To ensure that the research project has the greatest impact, I plan to share my findings through a multitude of professional conferences, such as the Mason Undergraduate Research Symposium and other conferences. Additionally, I plan to report my findings to the Biomedical Engineering Society to receive feedback from peers, and also inspire students to pursue similar projects for global health.  Finally I intend to share my findings with people in India. I would like to continue my research at my aunts hospital and at a research facility at Hyderabad ( a city in India) as there would be more volunteers to test the study than in developed countries.

I really would like to collaborate further with like minded researchers around the world in ultimately achieving a ground breaking cure and make this available for the mass population at a low cost. I am sure there are many others who are working on similar research and after initial acceptance by my peers and GMU I intend to reach out to bio-engineers across the globe and set out on a path of research through grants/funds from government, private institutions and create something commercial for the general population afflicted with this problem

I usually take a detailed history of the subjects,  who are divided into 2 groups - volunteers experiencing symptoms of neck pain consistently (active subjects) and volunteers who are pain-free. Each participant is provided with consent form to obtain their permission to participate in this study prior to their involvement. After collecting the data at regular intervals, I analyze it with the help of matlab. I did not discover anything new while working on the research as results that I obtained were closed to the results that were required.