Tuesday, March 15, 2016

FWS Student Highlights: Mia Browne

Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to work with Professor Chen. The project I am working on with Professor Chen and Safa (another student) is comparing the human rights violations within China and the United States. I help assist Professor Chen in gathering documents and sorting out those documents that pertain to her research. On a weekly basis I file away topics for research documents covering equal employment, equal pay, and International law on women workers. Another project that I am helping Professor Chen with is reading the documents more closely and summing up the main themes for the articles. One thing I discovered this week is there is a lot of coding and research that goes into a project before a book could be written. The work that I am currently doing I can see it benefiting me sometime within the near future. The work that I am doing allows myself to get familiarized with jstor (a researching search engine) and being able to compare human rights violations within different countries. Since my intended career is to practice constitutional law, understanding human rights violations will set up a solid foundation for myself. If I am rehired for the next school year within the same department I can envision that the experience will definitely be a step up from last year. The research will probably be more specific as to a certain marginalized group of individuals being discriminated against within that country. Also, the research will be more extensive and thorough.