Tuesday, March 8, 2016

FWS Student Highlights: Jesse Glendon

I am working on The Rain Project with the project creator, Dr. Ahn. The Rain Project is a multi-disciplinary project tasked with raising awareness of storm water issues for the mason community. Students and faculty from science, engineering, arts, and the humanities will design and implement green infrastructure on the campus. The project involves building a floating wetland over a year period to improve water quality and storm water management in Mason ponds.  Also, through our speaker series we gather an on and off campus community to learn and share the experience and knowledge of wise management of storm water. Keynote speakers include eco-artists, scientist, water resource engineers, and local organizations.

On a weekly basis, I meet with Dr. Ahn, set up a plan of action for the future, and implement the plan. This includes editing the website, sending out reminders for guest speakers, and increasing over all awareness of the project. I maintain a line of connection between the students and Dr. Ahn and I handle essential communications to the group. Additionally, just before we have a speaker I setup the event rooms and get all the necessary technology ready. The preparation ensure that the events have little headache.