Tuesday, March 29, 2016

FWS Student Highlights: Ghita

Currently, I am working on a Food and Nutrition project with Dr. Slavin. We started working on it since fall 2015. I had different tasks to do within this project. We first had to collect data through conducting surveys on George Mason campus, then sort the information and analyze it through nutrition software. This project is still on going and we are projected to have the final results for this study by the end of spring 2016. The first phase which was last semester focused more on data collection, while this semester is more focused on sorting the data and analyzing it. Joining this OSCAR Undergraduate Research position helped me tremendously improve my time management, organization, and writing skills. Even though I already have experience working with Excel, data entry and analysis in this project allowed me to learn new tricks. I also got to work with a professional nutritional software for the first time which was a great experience. I see this study very much related to my long-term goals as I’m going into the health-care field and as we all know; one’s nutritional habits have a great impact on their health. I believe that nutrition is a key and maybe a solution to have a healthier America. Working with Dr. Slavin on this project is helping me understand how people or at least students within the campus population perceive their nutritional habits. I am very excited to find the results of this study. I think this will help me communicate better with patients as I’d understand Nutrition from their side of the table.