Monday, March 7, 2016

FWS Student Highlights: Janna Shakir

The project that I am helping with is called Community Engagement for Social Change. The lab is run by Dr. Lauren Cattaneo in the Psychology Department and the project director is Jenna Calton. I am mainly in charge of setting up appointments with the participants, confirming appointments, and making sure that the spreadsheet for the lab is convenient and accurate. I also run participants in the lab from time to time during our data collection period, which usually takes place in the beginning of the semester and again toward the end. There isn’t a specific task that is done on a weekly basis and that is because it is more about getting certain goals done each week and they are usually not always similar.

My plans for the future include going off to medical school, working in the lab relates to my long term goal through teaching me how to collect data, and organize it, this also gave me experience of how to communicate formally with participants. What I discovered during this semester is the importance of communication between the participants and us (the lab). The key in this research is communication; you need good communication between the lab members to get tasks done and make sure all information is submitted, and you also need good connection with the participants to meet their needs and possibly their wants too.