Monday, March 28, 2016

FWS Student Highlights: Diana Asante

In the fall of 2015, I began working with Dr. Abena Aidoo, and our project is centered on "Tourism in Africa”. We are still in the preliminary stages of the research and our goal will be to compare the continent’s tourist arrivals and tourism receipts now from previous years. We are also analyzing the effects technology and social media have had on the various sectors. We meet on a weekly basis. I am assigned to read articles on related topics and write annotated bibliographies. I work to compile several lists of the tourism websites of these different African countries; dividing them into two sectors: public and private; the amount of information each website has, and how that has and will influence tourist activities in that particular country.

The discovery this week has not been greatly different from the previous weeks. There is always the difficulty of finding authentic research papers on tourism in Africa. The data available is scanty. I found a website ( that had listings of hotels for 29 African countries and Pakistan. It allows tourists to reserve rooms when travelling to these countries as well as request other available services.

Though a biology major, I hope to learn about different fields of study. As I work on these websites, I am introduced to a whole new perspective of traditions which will become paramount in my career considering the fact that I would love to work in such countries after obtaining my medical degree. Having an extensive knowledge on the essence of various cultures will play no mean a role in my interactions with people in such communities.