Thursday, August 30, 2018

OSCAR Student Tamia Shazer Works with Genetic Analysis

Before the summer started I knew that I wanted to be a part of something more, doing something that mattered and that applied to what I wanted to be doing later in life as a career. What mainly got me interested in this project was the Biology embedded into the tasks and skills required for the job. I was also first interested in this job, because of its link to genetic analysis. The summer previously I had worked on genetic analysis, and I thought this would be a good part two of the research that I had previously conducted.

I see this opportunity fitting into my long-term goals because as a career I would like to be conducting research. This opportunity allows me to get the feel for what an actual research environment is like and what its like to do research while working on a team who are also interested in the project or goal at hand. This is also related to my long-term goals because this opportunity allowed me to expand on my capabilities in the workplace, working with a team as well as having relevant information to apply to my resume.

On a weekly basis, my day to day workload consists of analyzing large data sets from normal control patients from articles on NCBI. Geo as well as analyzing data from patients with IPF diseased data. As a biology major, I have discovered that using programming sites such as R Studio to be able to produce different plots and graphs. This is something I can say that I learned in-depth skills this summer. Using R Studio is not something that I had suspected to have learned, but this discovery if anything is a useful one. Overall, I have enjoyed working on this summer project as well as working with my team. And I look forward to our next conference/poster presentation later in the semester.