Tuesday, March 1, 2016

FWS Student Highlights: Abigail Casas

This year, my first as a research assistant with OSCARs, I’ve done many small weekly projects that have kept me learning new and innovative skills in order to preform efficiently and creatively in this position. These smaller assignments, though, lead into the bigger project that was entrusted to me at the very beginning of my employment.

The main project I’ve been working on is to: broaden the awareness and reach of the Writing and Rhetoric Department here at GMU. Since being hired by Dr. Eyman, one of the many brilliant professors in said department, I’ve worked on this project through many smaller marketing buildings blocks and techniques.

On a weekly basis I research what events are happening at Mason, as well as what events are happening specific to the PWR department, and compile these findings to generate a current and relevant presence through a plethora of social networking sites. I’m also working on side pieces of original writing to post, using articles published about what is happening in the world that might be relevant to the PWR department.

Another way I’ve been helping to expand the department’s goals is through the use of basic graphic design elements. Although I’ve discovered and made one flyer for the PWR department using Microsoft Word, a program I’m very familiar with, I’m hoping to become more familiar with other more commonly used software such as InDesign.

I think, in the long-term vision of what I want to do after graduation, these marketing and design techniques can only help me market myself better, and gives my next employer an employee with a diverse set of skills to set me apart for the competition. I’ve enjoyed my year so far with Dr. Eyman and OSCARs, and I hope to finish my college career on an incredible not with them!