Thursday, October 31, 2013

URSP Student Justin Sellman Learns about Biomedical Coordination During Parallel Bar Swing Training

My project is to use the computer simulation OpenSim and take motion data to calculate muscle excitations for certain movements. The goal is then to refine the model in order to compare and match it to data recorded from an EMG device. Originally I was working on this project over the summer under the SURE program for bioengineers. Over the summer the OpenSim model was used only to calculate Inverse Kinematics and Inverse Dynamics for motion data. Now the goal is to advance the same model in order to calculate more data. Long-term I hope that this experience will open more doors to more research opportunities.

A weekly basis I write and modify various types of code in order to take kinematic data given by a sensorimotor robot and map it in to OpenSim. This includes analyzing large sets of data, and writing XML scripts that are updated via Matlab and fed into OpenSim. Next OpenSim feeds calculated data back into Matlab for analyzing. This past week I learned to take the recorded velocity of an arm movement and the maximum force applied by the robot and calculate the exact force of the robot at the testers hand. This will allow me to better calculate muscle excitations.