Friday, October 4, 2019

STIP Student Levern Currie Implements Neural Engineering with Cybernetic Research

I would like to think that my journey into this project began during the fall semester of my freshman year. I was working in the neural engineering lab, learning robotics and other topics that not only have served as a means of giving me the foundation that I have used for other projects, but also opening up many other opportunities to meet new people, explore and discuss new topics and work on projects that ultimately will help influence and even change the world around us; which, has helped me in my pursuit of being able to study brain and mind, along with robotics, and the multifaceted approaches that has the opportunity to apply directly towards a multitude of fields/topics. I am fascinated with the topic of human-machine interfaces of all types, along with the potential of cybernetics research.
I would like to think that I, like many others, am still unsure of as to what exactly it is, that I would like to do in the long term. Ideally, I plan on going into a PhD program after I graduate this Spring. It would also be pretty cool if I begin a startup in the next few months, all the while, continuing to produce and publish research papers, while working on developing other robotic systems and implementing them on both small-and large-scale platforms. Which is ultimately, what my research and other projects have led me to. 
When I am not doing research or working on robots, I can normally be, playing in the green machine, or chilling at home with my pets. I also enjoy going on adventures, visiting new places, going out and in general just fitting as much excitement and fun as possible, that my lifestyle permits. During this term, I have discovered that there are so many possibilities available to those who not only look hard but are also willing to work hard to achieve that which at the beginning, may have seemed like an impossible feat. I’ve also discovered the importance of partnerships and helping people even if there is no clear benefit at the time. There are also many other things I have learned this summer, mainly how I have been able to overcome what seemed to have been limitations and make the most out of some dicey situations.