Friday, September 7, 2018

OSCAR Student Zeyn Faddoul Participates in Unique Filmmaking Opportunity

One of the main reasons I moved to the United States three years ago was to pursue my passion for filmmaking as a career. With summer approaching, I was looking for an opportunity that would ideally include the three things I adore - documentary filmmaking, producing, and traveling - which is why my heart skipped a beat when I read the job description for this Summer Impact Grant. I applied without hesitation and shed tears of joy when I got chosen for the project.

The project we are developing is called “Vibrations”, a documentary series profiling contemporary singer-songwriters and practitioners of traditional musical forms while revealing regional music scenes around the world. The character-driven series emphasizes the positive power of music on a global scale. We spent three weeks traveling throughout Southeast Asia in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia in order to film musicians and bands who create original music including traditional and modern sounds.

My main focus on this project was production managing, which consisted of preparing our travel details and contacting the bands and musicians. Although I had done producing and production work before, this project required a higher level of professionalism and work. I ended up arranging full schedules for our team on a daily basis, and we somehow managed to get all the footage we needed in the small amount of time we had abroad.

I learned a lot of things throughout this summer, but the main thing I discovered was my love for international filmmaking. I found myself enjoying making connections with new people, and excelled at adjusting with every new situation thrown at us. This project definitely made me want to focus on a career that includes documentary filmmaking on an international scale. I wish I could hold this job forever, as it seemed to me that there will never be enough time to cover all of the amazing and talented artists that we have met during our trip. I feel so inspired.