Wednesday, September 19, 2018

OSCAR Student Isabel Guide Analyzes Hydroelectric Microturbine Deployment for Energy and Water Resilience in Haiti

As a URSP student this summer, my project analyzed hydroelectric microturbine deployment for energy and water resilience in Haiti. This project was first introduced to me by my mentor, Dr. Jennifer Sklarew, when I asked her if she was conducting any research over the Summer that would need a student assistant. She informed me that this project will build on a current PGF-funded micro-turbine pilot on Mason’s Fairfax campus.
This project sparked my interest through my passion for energy policy and the factors that contribute to the deployment of energy systems in a nation. I believe that developing countries should be well-aided by their allies that have a secure energy system in how to develop frameworks for energy policy. As someone who wants to study energy law after my undergraduate degree is complete, I believe that this research will give me the institutional knowledge necessary to fully comprehend the legalities of energy policy within a country. As for my goals for where I wish to see the world in my lifetime, I hope for this research to assist developing countries in fulfilling their energy needs so that all of their citizens can have access to affordable electricity.

Throughout this summer, much of my research has been analyzing current literature on the state in which Haiti’s energy system and framework is already in. Also, most developing nations look to multilateral development banks and international banks to assist them with the investments necessary to construct energy plants, so a lot of my time has been put into further understanding those developments as well. Also, I am looking forward to interviewing professionals in the field of international development that have worked in Haiti. From this research, I have discovered that a secure energy system may be useless and will fail in the long-term if it is not secured by an institution with a proper decision-making authority.