Thursday, September 20, 2018

OSCAR Student Oleg Menyaylenko Researches how to Turn Ambiguous Traffic Scenarios into Autonomous Vehicle’s Intelligence

My name is Oleg Menyaylenko and I have been working on an OSCAR Summer Impact project called “Turning Ambiguous Traffic Scenarios into Autonomous Vehicle’s Intelligence.” Computer Science and Machine Learning are my passions; thus, I was naturally drawn to this project.

At the start of this project, I expected to face highly challenging problems that would require Computer Science, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. I was not let down by my expectations. This project has definitely been intellectually stimulating, which further expanded my abilities in the corresponding fields.

Adding it to my resume upon completion, this project will set a fundamental landmark in my professional experience, as it will exhibit my passions and interests. Furthermore, this project has been an important part of my professional development, as I advanced in various workplace-critical skills such as communication and teamwork.

Over the course of this project, I have been working on Computer Science intensive tasks such as building a computationally-efficient neural network that recognizes and localizes various traffic objects, as well as designing and developing a graphical tool to help data scientists create an image data set for training. I also have been working on labor-intensive tasks such as manually labeling traffic objects in videos and reading many research papers on machine learning algorithms.