Friday, September 21, 2018

OSCAR Student Sara Luzcando Works on LIMPiAR:A Latina Immigrant Multidisciplinary Project in Advancing Research for Undergraduate Students

My name is Sara Luzcando and I am working on the LIMPiAR project as a student research assistant. As it is mentioned in the title, the study focuses on Latina Immigrant women, who work in the cleaning industry. As part of the research team I have helped develop the survey in English, and as a Latina who speaks, writes and reads fluent English and Spanish I am able to help the project translations to Spanish. Our research strategy is Community Participatory Research (CBPR), this type of research is participant focused. My communication skill as a bilingual woman has offered comfort to the women that are participants in the project. The participant’s in our study guide our analyses, as well as they help with the recruitment of other participants through snowball sampling.

I first became interested in this project because of the name, I consider myself a Latina and I have always been curious about helping others who surround me in my community, and other communities that are difficult to reach and are in need of help. My work experience has allowed me to develop organizational skills, as well as communicative skills that have helped me succeed in this project through being the main point of contact for interviews as well as the interview organizer.
In the past I have helped communities through community service, and work nationally and internationally. I have done service work in New Orleans by rebuilding homes for those who lost them during hurricane Katrina, and in the Dominican Republic by bringing water to a rural community. My long term-goal is to continue to help either through studies that could benefit the future of a specific community, or through service work for the communities.