Friday, November 27, 2015

URSP Student Logan Rice How Researches How College Couples Disseminate Information, and Manage Interactions via Facebook

I became interested in doing research last year during my honors communication course. I took the course knowing it would give me the chance to do research and to apply for OSCAR. I wanted to challenge myself by trying something new and improving my academic skillset.

I became interested in focusing my project on Facebook research because of my interest in social media. I am a communication major with a concentration in public relations, and social media is a large contributor to this industry. It is related to my long-term goals because social media is the newest, most effective way to communicate with my generation (and it is also the most popular social network site). I think enhancing my understanding of the most popular social media site will help me in my eventual career.

On a weekly basis I have been reading several scholarly articles. I am in the midst of creating a questionnaire to submit to IRB for approval. While reading these articles I am jotting notes on strategies previous scholars use when developing questionnaires to administer to their participants. Also, I am learning about more key concepts that I can use in my literature review when I write this piece of my article.

This week I read an article that further solidified that couples use Facebook for relationship maintenance. I also learned that relationship visibility is defined as the extent to which relationships are shown in self-images conveyed to others. This refers to how often couples post photos of the two together on Facebook to their extended networks.