Monday, November 30, 2015

URSP Student Jesse Roof Evaluates the Cultural Context of Education among Homeless Youth in DC

My project is evaluating the Cultural Context of Education among Homeless Youths Ages 18-24 in the District of Columbia Metropolitan Area.  I am in the process of working on this with my co-researcher Robert Miller. We seek to find out how the cultural understanding of education affects the long term quality of life in individuals who are either currently or formerly homeless. 

This project stemmed from a case competition about the epidemic of homelessness in D.C. that Robert and I participated in.  We chose to further explore this topic through independent research because it is an acknowledged but incredibly misunderstood aspect of homelessness. 

As a future anthropologist I have a sense of duty to use my understanding of culture to benefit society therefore I consider this essential to my career plan.  I am especially interested in the how cultural constructs and disparities throughout society are correlated.  Through project I have been able to further explore the correlation and strongly believe that I have benefited in my understanding of complex social issues.

Majority of my daily schedule revolves around outreach to local shelters in order to find participants for the study.  Soon it will comprise of of onsite interviews with participants in the study.  This week I have discovered how there is continually more work to be done when doing research and that with every step, the project only becomes more complicated yet intriguing.