Friday, November 13, 2015

URSP Student Darlene Aniebonam Researches the Effect of High Intensity Interval Exercise and Moderate Intensity Continuous Exercise on Postexercise Hypotension

I first was introduced to this project fall of last year. I was looking to get involved in a project that was related to my field, in order to help expand my knowledge of my field, as well as give me the much needed experience. I touched base with one of my professors who had previously been working on a project with a graduate student, but wanted to expand on the material and topic. I was more than willing to get involved with the project because it dealt with the cardiovascular system and exercise. I saw this project to be related to my long-term goals because of the great experience it would give me. This experience will allow for me to have a greater understanding of the process of application; applying what I have learned in my major, to the research world, whilst building my resume for graduate school. I hope to have a career as a professional in the kinesiology or the medical field in the future, and preparing myself through research is a great opportunity. On a weekly basis, I am gaining more and more knowledge on what it means to do research itself. I am reading and analyzing articles, I am distributing flyers for recruitment around campus, as well as working in the lab with my first subject. I also work every week with my professor, as he teaches me how to use the equipment in the lab. One thing I discovered this week is that the research process is not always going to be smooth sailing, it is a learning process. Even though it may get hard, it is important to keep trying and continue to work hard.