Thursday, April 2, 2015

URSP Student My-Linh Huynh Researches Nonsmokers Perceptions on E-Cigarettes

My name is Linh Huynh and I am a student researcher in the Communication field. My interests vary between multitudes of topics, but regarding academia I am passionate about health and communication. People oftentimes do not realize how they arrive at their perceptions or attitudes about a particular subject. I wish to explore more in depth about how nonsmokers develop their attitudes about electronic cigarettes (e-cigs/vapes). I am always interested in how people think and how they communicate, or convey their thoughts and feelings to others. Originally my interest in my topic stemmed from my own personal life, as I used to be a smoker. Furthermore, electronic cigarettes are a rising trend, especially among young adults and teenagers. However, the lack of knowledge surrounding e-cigs is concerning.

My research project relates to my long-term career goals since I wish to pursue a career in health communications. Many people lack knowledge in a variety of topics that concern their own health, and I want to change that. My investigation has given me the opportunity to thrive in research and facilitate my learning at a graduate level, in order to become more prepared for a higher education.

On a weekly basis I enjoy immersing myself in reading and staying up-to-date on current events and news, particularly news that pertains to health and/or communication. More so, I enjoy perusing the Internet for health-related blogs and learning new information. Additionally, as a communication major and an extrovert I love to interact with as many people as I can.

Learning about interpersonal and intrapersonal communication is something that I have always been interested in. While surveying students for my research this week, I learned that while many people would prefer using e-cigs over cigarettes, they are not actually informed about e-cigs. This only enforced my original belief that an increase in knowledge nationwide with regard to health is crucial to our growth as a nation.