Friday, April 24, 2015

FWS Research Assistant Highlights: Andrea Taylor

My name is Andrea Taylor and I have been working as an undergraduate Research Assistant with Dr. Shannon Davis. I am assisting Dr. Davis and Dr. Rebecca Jones on a project that focuses on undergraduate research and specifically how the relationship between mentor and mentee is developed. If we learn more about how this relationship starts and how it develops, faculty members can better prepare undergraduate students to become proficient researchers.
On a weekly basis, I search for relevant scholarly articles related to the development of mentoring relationships. I am doing an extensive literature review to explore the existing data on how mentored students initiate and develop their relationship with their mentors.
I have discovered in my research this week how college faculty incorporate their responsibility of mentorship into their demanding workload. Many faculty that act as mentors to undergraduate and graduate students have numerous other responsibilities such as publishing their own research, attending conferences and many serve as committee members within the university. This adds another factor into how the mentors initiate a meaningful relationship with their undergraduate students, and how they are able to make themselves available to them. 
After graduation, I may explore job opportunities as a research assistant. I am currently also a research intern for a company that deals with Native American issues, and I plan to explore that field further. In addition, my OSCAR research experience will be helpful if I apply for graduate school, which may also be an option.