Monday, April 27, 2015

FWS Research Assistant Highlights: Daniel Asiedu

What influences tourists destination choice for a vacation? How often do tourists use the internet and social media platforms to read reviews, compare prices, acquire travel documentation, book accommodation and tour operators?  How credible are these information sources and do they influence tourist destination choices?  How much does the travel and tour industry contribute to a nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), employment, and capital investment? 
My name is Daniel Asiedu; I am a senior studying Information Systems and Operations Management at the School of Business. I work with Dr. Abena Aidoo at the School of Recreation, Health, and Tourism; our study has been analyzing the questions above but with an emphasis on the tourism industry in West African countries.  Our study focuses on how tourist boards in West Africa use the internet and social media to develop their tourism industry. I am currently putting together an article on our research for publication.
My primary objective for participating in this project is to get an in-depth understanding into academic research and how it influences public policy. I intend to pursue a graduate degree in economics. I am passionate about entrepreneurship, education, poverty alleviation policies, and development economics. My hope is to contribute to developing a sustainable economic and political system that encourages people to live to their potential, particularly in the developing world.