Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Advancing Undergraduate Research: Marketing Communications, and Fundraising Webinar

The CTE is hosting a viewing of CUR's webinar on Advancing Undergraduate Research: Marketing Communications, and Fundraising. This webinar coincides with the publication of the book by same name by the Council on Undergraduate Research.

Translational Research in Action Seminar

Interested undergraduate students are invited to participate in the Krasnow Institute's weekly summer seminar series, "Translational Research in Action."

The seminar objectives are:
  • to elucidate the path of scientific discovery to implementation in a clinical setting
  • to facilitate exchange of ideas for translational research collaborations at GMU
Invited speakers will come from the fields of basic research, clinical research or biomedical device development. The format will include a scientific core (graduate level and above), an implementation case study (or proposed biomedical/behavioral relevance) and discussion.

Dates: Thursdays at 11:00am through the summer, starting June 16th (first meeting is on a Tuesday).
Location: Room TBA, at the Krasnow Institute on the Fairfax Campus
Website: for more details and updated schedule, mason.gmu.edu/~jberzhan/TranslationalResearchinAction/seminar1.html