Saturday, November 16, 2019

STIP Student Natalia Gutierrez Ribera Assists in Eye-Tracking Technology to Analyze how Youth View Alcohol Product Packaging

This summer I was assisting in a multidisciplinary research team using eye-tracking technology to investigate and analyze how the youth view alcohol product packaging. The results of this study could have public health and safety regulatory implications. Due to the nature of the research project, my day to day looks different every day. Some days I might be visiting classes at GMU to recruit participants. When visiting these places, I provide a verbal summary of what the study is about to the entire classroom and hand out flyers to students interested in participating. Other days when there are participants scheduled, I meet them at the specified assessment center and perform eye-tracking sensory evaluation. Prior to their arrival, I prepare the assessment by ensuring proper functionality of all equipment utilized in the experiments and looking at the log and record of participants to assign the respective ID number. When the participant arrives, I start first with the informed consent, then proceed with the different tests to make sure that the participant is qualified for the study. After that, I set up the eye-tracking machine and begin with the task. Lastly, I administer a survey and compensate the participant with a gift card and record it in the laboratory log. As a graduating senior I’m interested in getting practical experience in research related to health and this position is a great opportunity for me to do so. From my experience this Summer I expect to gain new skills that will be valuable for my future career in research as I consider graduate school.