Wednesday, November 27, 2019

STIP Student Humberto Portillo Webtool that Searches for Significant Differences within a Sample of Genes

I decided to get involved with this project because I thought it looked like a one of a kind opportunity that I simply couldn’t pass up on. As an aspiring Graphic Designer, it can be fairly easy to find jobs or opportunities that offer the typical kind of experience a designer may have in mind, for example designing business or marketing collateral. All of which is useful but it’s very rare and difficult to find an opportunity quite like this project. I enjoy the fact that in my career I get to be a part of something like this, to work on projects that are so complex that it not only challenges me but also, in a way, humbles me by exposing how little I understand of certain subjects. Being in a position like that you must exercise your ability to work in a team and the great thing about that is the benefits of team work only multiply. You not only strengthen your skills but also your ability to work within the group, and you also learn how extremely valuable great team members are. All of this serves as preparation for the future endeavors that I can only hope will grow as I move forward in my career.

Our project was building an online webtool that would find significant differences within a sample of genes. Our team was comprised of three groups: Front-end design, middleware, and backend development. I was part of the design team and our team faced many challenges each week, most of which were at a scale of difficulty we had never faced before. The design team wast asked with the entire front-end design of the website, which meant we had to design all of the user interface and branding of the site. On top of the design portion we also had to code all of the pages we had designed. Our goal was to create a webtool that was intuitive, well designed, and most importantly actually functioned with the backend code. Although it was a great challenge, I feel we not only accomplished our goal but also surpassed it.