Friday, April 8, 2016

FWS Student Highlights: Endia Hunt

I am currently assisting Digital Publishing Production Lead, Jeri Wieringa, with research and data compilation for electronic publications. The Mason Publishing Group serves as distributors for and the institutional repositories of scholarly works produced by the Mason community. Staff members collaborate to publish, organize, and disseminate a wide collection of books, conference proceedings, and journals. Jeri and I work to curate and preserve web-published content through a number of digital projects.

The publishing and distribution processes of written works require a substantial amount of time and data-intensive research. Faculty submissions receive structural and copy-editing.  Copyedited typescripts are then turned into page proofs, which are thoroughly revised prior to publication. Research and data collations are conducted and we then decide how to arrange this data, design

templates, and present information in digital formats. Projects allow me to gain greater familiarity with software programs like Photoshop, HTML, and CSS. I really enjoy the visual art and design aspects of electronic publishing.

Day-to-day work consists mainly of gathering data on faculty publications. This week, I have explored different copyright policies to ensure open access to journal articles co-authored by Mason affiliates.

I am pleased to assist the Mason Publishing Group because I believe the experience will prepare me for future editorial positions. Prior to taking the Research Assistant position, I imagined that I would one day work for a publishing company. Mason Publishing staff members are wonderful to work with and I am fortunate to have Jeri as a mentor.