Friday, November 15, 2013

URSP Student Hannah King Conducts a Choreographic Study of Dependency, Isolation and Perpetual Motion

                  Recently, I have become aware of dependency within my peers and myself, be it to a substance, a lifestyle, another person or a belief. I have realized that everyone experiences dependency and to a certain extent it is what holds society together. With that in consideration, it is also true that dependency can completely devour an individual's sense of self and can lead one to self-inflicted isolation. Playing with these concepts I am in the process of choreographing a dance exploring the emotions involved with dependency.
            The rehearsal process for this piece is a combination of leading group rehearsals and spending time in the studio by myself generating new material. My cast meets twice a week and we usually start by reviewing the choreography that has already been set. After we are all caught up, I will add on more material. I like to teach a phrase to the entire cast and then experiment with different formations, groupings, and pathways before I decide on how it will ultimately be performed in the piece.
            This week in my personal rehearsal time I completed choreographing the piece. Now I just need to teach the movement to my cast. Choreographing is inspiring and enjoyable for me and I am lucky that it is a key component in my major. I am currently in my junior year perusing a BFA in Dance with hopes to perform and choreograph professionally in the future.