Thursday, November 14, 2013

URSP Student Caroline Kim Writes the Sreenplay Trans: A Short Film

            This project originated from the Sandy Hook shooting and the invasive quality of media during and after the event. After I saw photos of distressed parents, I had to wonder: why do we do this to people, and are we hurting them? From there, I wrote the screenplay for Trans, and I wrote different answers to those questions I posed. The different ways that people grieve really depicts that there is no one correct answer to those questions.
            Film is a medium with which I'm not familiar, but the writing and filming definitely challenged me to create something for a different audience. This process has allowed me to become comfortable writing differently and to discuss a problem arising in America in a creative way. As I continue to write both creatively and technically, writing for different audiences will be critical.
            On a weekly basis for the past month, my mentor George Yanez and I have been scheduling times to film throughout the week. We set up two cameras—one interview camera and one “omniscient” camera—and from there, we film the fictional interviews with no interruptions. On Monday, George and I review what we've filmed, to make sure that everything we've filmed is the way we want it.
            One thing I've discovered this week is that midterms is a terrible time for student actors to help another student with a project. But no matter how difficult the scheduling may be, everyone is always willing to be as flexible as they can.