Sunday, July 10, 2022

URSP Student Violetta Rostobaya Studies the Mechanical and Tribological Properties of 3D printed PLA+HA Composite

My name is Violetta Rostobaya and I am a senior mechanical engineering student at Mason. I have been working on material science project under mentorship of Dr. Ali Beheshti and Dr. Shaghayegh Bagheri since Fall 2021.  This research project became an important step in my journey as an engineer and a researcher. I am very grateful to both of my mentors and URSP program for the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research and become an active member of Mason engineering research community. My average day at a lab starts with preparing the polymer material for extrusion. Sometimes depending on the method of manufacturing it can take up to several days for the mixture to prepare before the extrusion. 

This process is tedious and requires a lot of patience, precision as well as lab equipment management skills, which I did not have at the start of this project. This semester however I feel more confident and have clearer direction of the project. After the material is extruded, the produced filament is used to 3D print samples for compression and indentation testing.

My next steps are finishing up the production process and testing the samples. The results of the tests will be summarized and analyzed in a research paper. I hope to publish the paper in an academic journal and launch my researcher career. I am planning to start my graduate school in Fall 2022, so I hope this work will provide me some recognition within scientific community.