Friday, December 13, 2019

STIP Student Phuong Tran Worked as a Full Stack Web Developer

My name is Phuong Tran, I am a sophomore in Computer Science with a major in Data Science. During the fall 2019 semester, I have been actively looking for internship and found OSCAR’s poster. I first got interested in this field because I has been picking up on Python as my first coding language. I have always dreamed of becoming a Data Analytic Engineering, I love working with analyzing data and creating databases. I get to work with both front end, back end technologies, and trying to sync the two.

During work days, I mostly merge math algorithm into existing back end server (Django REST framework) while in front end server, I implement design elements from HTML/CSS while giving them functionalities through React.js/JavaScript. I also deploy my code from local host (personal laptop) to the server (Apache) to make sure the app is up to date. In order to keep the work flow clean as well as reserved the code for next summer team, my team set up a git hub repository to store all the assets and codes with description on how to install and run the program (both back end and front end). 

For the internship I have learned a lot of new frameworks, how to tackle problems that I haven’t seen before, and the most important thing is my communication skill has enhanced a lot. The messages that I want to send to future students who will be continue on this project is that try get the local host server running correctly first before doing any implementations and it might be really helpful to read the comment we wrote.