Tuesday, December 17, 2019

STIP Student Kara Wright Explores Forensic Nursing with Image Analysis and Data Management

The opportunity to conduct research and complete data analysis sparked my interest in participating in the Summer Team Impact project. This was also a great way to learn more about job responsibilities forensic clinicians, which requires a great degree of compassionate care towards patients. Everything that I have learned about research and forensic nursing this summer has greatly impacted my long-term career goals. I now feel like I have an understanding of the steps required to conduct a research study, as well as the many different roles forensic nurses have their patient’s plan of care.

On a weekly basis, my research partner and I complete data analysis on our supervisor’s previous research study. This entails cleaning up bruise image files, renaming images, and verifying image information across data collection platforms. We have also been conducting our own research study since mid-way through the summer and have been seeing participants and collecting data for our poster project.

I discovered how interconnected different disciplines of study are in real-world situations. Nurses often rely on health informatics staff to help streamline their workflow on computer software while engineers look to nursing staff to understand physiological occurrences when analyzing how machines learn from human subject images.