Monday, February 6, 2017

Federal Work-Study student Jesse Glendon Raises awareness of Environmental Issues in the Mason Community

I became interested in the EcoScience + Art project after speaking with my mentor Dr. Changwoo Ahn. Dr. Ahn discussed with me his vision for creating a multi-disciplinary organization tasked with raising awareness of environmental issues in the mason community. I saw the vision that he had in mind, and immediately said I wanted to be a part of the project. Over the course of a year we grew our student group into a large and active part of the mason community. Also, during that time created projects such as a floating wetland which was even featured on the local news. Every semester The EcoScience + Art student group hosts a speaker series to involve the on and off campus community, and to share the experiences they’ve made. Keynote speakers include eco-artists, scientist, water resource engineers, and local organizations. 

I believe that the management of this student group has helped me to better understand how to work with people from many different backgrounds. This project has shown me how to plan complex projects, meet deadlines, deal with issues, and organize a large group of people.

On a weekly basis, as the president and student group leader I work with student group members and our mentor to accomplish the initiative at the time. At this time we are in-between projects so we are actively looking for initiatives that student group members would like to be a part of. I also edit our website, sending out updates for the progress of our initiative, and help increase over all awareness of the project in the mason community. I maintain a line of connection between the students and Dr. Ahn and I handle essential communications to the group. Additionally, I setup the event rooms and get all the necessary technology ready. My work keeps our student group organized, on track, constantly working, and fully informed and connected to each other.