Friday, January 16, 2015

FWS Research Assistant Highlights: Rebecca Lee

This past semester, I had the privilege to work as a research assistant under Global Affairs Professor Singh. The project that I and two other students were assisting Professor Singh with dealt with determining the socioeconomic impact of information technology on developing countries. By utilizing quantitative and qualitative research methods, I will critically analyze closed projects from the World Bank from 1990 to 2010. By analyzing the closed World Bank projects, the two research assistants and I will assist Professor Singh in developing a coding scheme and publishing a book that will help gauge whether technology is playing a participatory role or not in developing countries. On a weekly basis, I and two other research assistants had about a week to analyze and code three World Bank projects that Professor Singh picked from the online project database on the World Bank website. After analyzing and coding each of the three projects, we would meet up in Professor Singh’s office to discuss each of the three projects and improve the coding scheme from the feedback that he received from each of us. As a research assistant, I discovered how the importance of my role as a research assistant who was assisting Professor Singh with developing his coding scheme even though I was only an undergraduate student. I see this opportunity being very relevant to my long-term goals. As a global affairs major and a student who has always been eager to learn the research process, this opportunity has helped me to see a scholar making an impact in the field of Global Affairs. I hope to go to graduate school for international affairs and work for the Department of State.