Wednesday, January 7, 2015

FWS Research Assistant Highlights: Corina Solorzano

 I work with two other research assistants, Naila Rafique and Salimatou Cristal Ouedraogo, both Global Affairs majors in the Honors Program and both seniors filled with a lot of knowledge that help contribute to this project. The three of us are working as research assistants for Dr. Jatinder Singh, a professor here at George Mason University as well a knowledge scholar within this area. What we do is code projects from the World Bank database and look for participation within development projects in the sector of information technology and communication.

This semester was about getting all of us to the same level of coding and being able to look at one project and all of us coming up with the same results. I am happy to say this has been completed and now we go on to the next level. We are starting the main coding of all the World Bank Projects under our sector with certain conditions. We code on a weekly basis and then reconvene in order to discuss our findings. Our research doesn’t end this semester and is carrying on into the spring so we’ll have a lot more results then.

This week we discovered that some of our projects might have to be dismissed because they have missing documents or have been cancelled so we need to work with these bumps in the road. But I am glad to say that this week we have finished the “trial” session you can say and will begin to code our main projects. We are all at the same level and are ready to continue our projects.
I’m unsure of the specifics of what I want to do in the future. I know I want to stay within the Global Affairs sector, and my concentration, International Development interests me immensely. I want to continue to learn about different cultures and how they came to be about and continue to adapt and change. These projects allow me to see a different side of certain countries and regions that wouldn’t normally read about in a textbook. I am directly seeing the actions being taken in these projects and observing the changes it has actually made within the region.