Monday, September 8, 2014

URSP Student David Morris Works with Video Cameras and Frames

My project is to determine how a video camera was moving from the video frames.This is achieved by first determining which way the camera was facing in each frame by drawing perspective lines, as described in a paper my mentor, Prof. Košecká, coauthored --- the 2002 video compass paper. This past week, I've spent my time getting up at 9 AM, going to the lab I'm working in, and working there for eight hours. I've accomplished a number of things, three of which come to mind: I've arranged the main loop of the code I've been working on so that it is more readable; now there are several blocks of code that each work as a unit and can be seen in one screen, instead of 200 lines that must be understood all at once. I found a bug causing incorrect rotation and position estimates --- I corrected it after determining that I had been describing how the room was rotated relative to the camera, instead of describing how the camera was rotated relative to the room. I also sped up processing for the rest of my project by saving data from image processing to a file.