Monday, September 27, 2021

STIP Student Elaine Borresen Creates a Unit Plan and Activities for Physical Education Instruction while Integrating STEM

The goal for this Summer Team Impact Project is to present a unit plan and activities for physical education instruction while integrating STEM content. We found that integrating STEM topics is extremely beneficial for students. Students can get extra time exploring their classroom content. Our hope is that this integration can also pique interest in activities for those who may not usually be as engaged during PE. Using Virginia Standards of Learning, we sought to combine relevant science topics for K-12 students with games to develop their basketball, pickleball and softball skills. This plan is flexible, for teachers to use this unit plan in its entirety, or use lesson activities and games as they see fit. My particular contribution was towards the STEM content in the softball unit.

 This project fits into my future plans as a nurse and an Army officer by contributing how to plan with various factors and reinforcing my knowledge in STEM and biomechanics in particular. An average research day consists of a zoom meeting with all undergraduate and graduate students then breakout sessions with our individual groups to continue work on our unit plans. We had one day in the gym to test out some physical education activities and record ancillary materials for teachers. Something that I have discovered through this project is how complicated it is to create a unit and lesson plans. There are so many things that go into creating them. This project was different than it would have been if it were face to face because a majority of this was done virtually with all of us in different states, this was very cool since we were able to travel and still do research and work on the project. My next steps are to take the knowledge I learned from this project and apply it anyway I can to nursing school and Army ROTC.