Tuesday, September 24, 2019

USTF Student Ruth Tallman Jasperse Presents her Research at Computers and Writing hosted by Michigan State University

Ruth Jasperse was thrilled to take her analysis of the Super Seducer game series to Computers and Writing, hosted this year at Michigan State University. Computers and writing hosts a thriving interdisciplinary academic group focused on digital rhetoric, composition, and pedagogy, in which Jasperse’s psychologically framed rhetorical analysis of digital media fit into the larger academic discussion.

Despite being an undergraduate she was welcomed to the Graduate Research Network workshop at the beginning of the conference to roundtable her research with other students and advising professors. 

Knowing of the silent auction held each year to raise money for graduate travel funding Jasperse also made and donated a quilt featuring the conference tee of the previous year with a winning bid of $250 for the fundraiser.
Jasperse feels she had an excellent experience of intellectual exchange and learning, being exposed to so many wonderful projects, and receiving invaluable feedback on her own research. New connections and opportunities for collaboration have been forged and she is tremendously grateful to have been welcomed into this academic community and for their encouragement of taking the next steps in expanding her analysis. Jasperse thanks OSCAR, Dr. Beth Caravella and Dr. Leah Adams for their contributions with which this experience would not have been possible

Companion website for the poster at http://superseduceranalysis.strikingly.com - likely best matched with “her analysis of the Super Seducer game series.