Friday, May 17, 2019

URSP Student Manuel Martinez Garay Conducts Tribological Study on 3D Printing Polymers

My research work focuses on conducting a tribological study of 3d printed polymers, specifically on the wear that they undergo and to how to reduced it. In order to do so, two 3D printed polymer gears will be put together for a given amount of time under a certain rotational speed and torque to simulate as close as possible real life working conditions, and to study which parameters affect such wear the most. I became interested in the research project, thanks to the help of my mentor Dr. Ali Beheshti, the moment I came up to him with the idea of conducting an independent research study that would allow me to apply the knowledge that I have acquired throughout all the years of studying my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He suggested me the idea of conducting a tribological study on 3D printing polymers, a field of great innovation in engineering and a future technology that will be helpful in the future. I loved the idea, so I decided to jump straight in.
I believe this project to be not only important step in general research, but a key process in my professional and personal growth for the upcoming years. It will allow me to enter in the research world, which until this time was in my personal experience unknown to me. During this project I have conducted many different tasks which were unfamiliar to me until the opportunity to apply them was offered. I have dealt on a weekly basis with cases of research through various different topics, in the fields of mechanical engineering, data acquisition, material science and other disciplines related to my project. I have also dealt with many aspects of CAD design, coming up with alternative designs that were involved in the making of the main tool we used to conduct our research, as well as parts acquisition dealing with budget and physical limitations of the nature related to the measurements.
All of these used skills have provided me with the ability to obtain a deeper knowledge in the field of conducting research, but most importantly it has taught me a great amount of project planning which involves taking things into account; until this moment I haven’t previously thought about as well as being able to participate in the in the schools research system, for which I will be forever grateful.