Tuesday, April 30, 2019

URSP Student Anna Rodriguez Connects Non-profit Organizations with Students in Need of Partnership Experience

Personally, I have always been interested in the work that non-profits carry out. While I was doing my study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina in Fall 2018, I volunteered with some non-profits and I got close to the situation many people go through in the country. 

While I was studying, I volunteered specifically with a student organization from the university and I got involved in their fundraising strategies to get involved with a bigger nonprofit. During the semester we struggled to fundraise enough money and at that moment I shaped the concept of InterWings for the first time. I decided to start a platform to help nonprofits with their fundraising and provide students with an actual partnership experience, the main goal is to break with the zero-involvement donation habit.
My weekly schedule is based on a once a week meeting with my mentor to check on the process of the project. Sharing ideas, presenting challenges and developing goals. At the beginning of the semester the meetings were based on finding our way to carry out the project but later on we focused on presenting the project to different departments on campus and meet with professors.
This project is helping me learn about what I most interested in, it is helping me with my long term goals because getting involved in the nonprofit world has always been in my mind. Being in charge of a project involves a lot of responsibility and hard work, even though you have a mentor you have to decide your research, the methodology and follow through with it. I believe it is a great experience for students to step outside of their comfort zone. This semester I discovered several things, but the conferences has been one of the greatest. I was able to attend two conferences and meet students and professionals involved in the nonprofit field.