Thursday, October 5, 2017

OSCAR Student Adam Schuman and the Peter Ritter Transcription Project

What got me interested in this was the opportunity to work with a professor outside of the classroom. I also got really excited about the daily work that I hoped I would be doing. In high school I transcribed some string quartets in my music theory classes and I really loved how I learned from transcribing. I got excited when I saw that this position was to edit and transcribe music. I love music theory and classical music but because I’m a music tech major I don’t have to take as many music theory classes as everyone else. To me this was a way to keep in touch with that side of music without taking classes for it.

I currently don’t see this experience directly helping my long term goals. I see this experience as something that can open up a career avenue post college. I am looking forward to adding the experience to my resume. I think it looks very good and can really help differentiate myself from other job applications.

On a weekly basis I am transcribing music from my phone or computer into Sibelius. Sibelius is the music notation software that the Ritter team is using. I would get through a certain amount of pages of music per day. The amount of pages depends on the size of each page and how legible the pages are. The challenges are not just putting in notes but paying attention to every bit of detail that’s on the manuscript. Translating what Peter wanted the music to sound like into my own edited edition. Later in the project the team began to work on posters. We divided up the work and each made a section of the poster for the presentation August 4th.

Something that I discovered is how music changes and differs from the hands of a composer to an editor. An editor makes decisions that effects how a piece is performed. Hearing a piece that I edited is a very interesting experience because I imagine it sounded better when Peter’s musicians played it.