Thursday, March 23, 2017

Research Assistant Candace Nelson Explores Peoples Motivation for Using Lyft and Uber for Transportation after Drinking

As a Community Health major, I became interested in the current project I am working on because I wanted to learn more about research in the field of public health. In certain classes I have taken, I learned about research specific to public health and the impact it can have, however, acquiring real experience puts it all into perspective. I work with Dr. Rossheim, a faculty member of the Department of Global and Community Health. The research he conducts pertains to alcohol and how it affects people. The current project I have been working on explores peoples’ motivation to use ride-sharing applications such as Uber and Lyft as transportation after drinking at bars. Research about the effects of alcohol relates to my long-term goal of potentially applying to a graduate program for public health. Initially, applying to such a program was not one of my long-term goals, however, this project has inspired me to consider doing so.

On a weekly basis, I complete several tasks that contribute to the projects Dr. Rossheim is working on. Examples of these tasks include collaborating with other researchers to advance projects, literature reviews, editing surveys, and making suggestions for potential research questions that could be answered in a study. I was able to learn ample new information about how alcohol affects individuals’ behavior and cognitions while working with Dr. Rossheim. However, the most interesting discovery I have made is that I truly have a passion for research. Before participating in the research process, I did not know that it was something I would enjoy. The fact that the study I contribute to may be able to help people in the future is motivational and it inspires me to conduct research to the best of my ability.